The Journey Project and End of Life Care Alliance are actively involved in cutting edge work aimed at improving quality of care and life through life’s end. In addition to Models and Research, we also provides links to a number of continuing educational opportunities. Our favorite calendars for upcoming conferences and trainings provided by professional associations are linked here as well.

Under Legislative, Regulatory, and Finance, you can access current bills, legislative committees, statues, regulatory agencies and related material. Links are included to analytical reports including reports addressing financing issues.

Taking Care: Ethical Caregiving in our Aging Society

TAKING CARE: ETHICAL CAREGIVING IN OUR AGING SOCIETY published by The President’s Council on Bioethics Washington, D.C., September 2005 Preface The President’s Council on Bioethics was created by President George W. Bush on November 28, 2001 to advise the President on bioethical issues related to advances in biomedical science and technology. Taking Care addresses the ethical challenges of caregiving in our rapidly aging society, with special attention to the care of people with dementia. ... Read More

The Hospice Institute of the Florida Suncoast

The Hospice Institute of the Florida Suncoast is a center of excellence in end-of-life care. The Institute, a division of The Hospice of the Florida Suncoast, is a practice-based education, consulting and research center on end-of-life and palliative care. The Institute's goals are to innovate and share information, data, resources and models of care with other agencies to improve the service to those at the end of life. Visit The Hospice Institute of the Florida Suncoast ... Read More

Time to address the need to improve end of life care by Susan Keller

Susan Keller, Executive Director of the Community Network, wrote this piece at the request of the Press Democrat for the Close to Home feature in the Sunday edition. The aim was to help inform the community given all the rhetoric at the national level about "death panels" with regards to national health care reform. This essay was published online Sept 19, 2009 and in the Sunday print edition Sept 20, 2009. Includes photo of Susan Keller. Visit Time to address the need to improve end of life care ... Read More